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A sweet magical read – #bookreviewer Salute

True Love and happiness is a life long memory and can last an eternity. It enables you to move forward from any sorrow suffered.

This book begins with a young girl named Annie Cross. She works and lives in Philadelphia. Her boyfriend had lived with her for seven years then one day he up and walked out. Annie decides to take a road trip with no destination in mind. She ends up at the Memory House Bed & Breakfast run by Ophelia Browne.

Ophelia is ninety years old and can feel happy memories in objects other people treasured at one time. Ophelia has an apothecary shop attached to her home where she makes remedies from the herbs and flowers that she grows in her huge gardens. Ophelia feels the time has come for her to find a someone to take over the Memory House. She needs to find a special person who can feel like her for this responsibility. Annie plans to spend the weekend and ends up spending the week. Will staying help her find what she is searching to make her life fulfilled? Will Annie be the one Ophelia wants to take over her Memory House? Will Annie take back up with her boy friend in Philadelphia when he comes a courting again? This is a beautiful story with beautiful artfully drawn main characters. The supporting characters each bring their own flavor to the story.

The author mixes mystery, unexpected twists. romance and humor to draw you into the story and keep you reading to the end. The mystery becomes explainable as the book totters between the past and the present.

This story teaches how we need to learn to love and accept ourselves before we can make the changes necessary in order to attain a happy existence and succeed in this life. This is a sweet magical read.