Yesterday you met Teri Pinney and learned what type of person she is…now I’m going to repeat a quote that she issued which tells it exactly like it is! As she spoke about the growing need to be realistic about the problems that exist in our schools, Teri said, “My goal is to see students treated as individuals…people with different capabilities and different talents…people who should be appreciated for who they are – and not how well we can jam a square peg into a round hole.”  This, to my way of thinking, is an admirable goal. All too often we lose the students who dance to a different drummer, but without creative minds, minds that think or function differently, we could also lose the writers of tomorrow, the artists, the musicians and numerous others who might have changed the world had they had the chance.

I also believe in giving the voters a choice. For far too long we’ve been segregated into groups labeled “Republican” or “Democrat” and we’ve voted a party instead of a person. Let’s vote for the students this time. Let’s vote for progress instead of the same old, same old… Let’s at least put an Independent on the ballot and give voters a choice.

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