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Another beautiful story – #bookreviewer Salute

This is what Michelle had to say about What the Heart Remembers on Goodreads –

Another beautiful story from The Memory House series. This one is described in all the other reviews well so I wont go over the story line. But I can tell you I have read every one of Bette Lee Crosby’s books and this one hit the heart right were it was needed. Who we remember, and how we remember it vs. the truth of the situation. The gift of forgetting can be as kind as the gift of hindsight can be a reality slap right where we need it. We are all affected by our past. And we can all make or break the patterns of our past. See the beauty we have learned from the harder lessons. See what is good. And let the good come in to our lives. I cant wait for more on all the people in this series we love. And maybe on some we are just getting to know. This book is another of my favorites. I hope you take the time to enjoy it as much as I have.