ShannonThere’s an age old saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I’m beginning to think maybe it’s true.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

In today’s mail I received an envelope from our Granddaughter Shannon. It was a copy of the article she’d written for The Spartan Speaks, her high school newspaper. I am not just being a proud grandma when I say it was great – it really was. Her article is about the spread of the enterovirus. It outlines the conditions under which the virus can grow and offers helpful tips to avoid contamination. She further enhanced the article with quotes from fellow students as well as her mom who is a nurse.

I am truly proud of Shannon, she’s not only a beautiful person, she’s also a talented writer. Right now she’s got two soulsDSCN0419 cheering her on…one is the grandma in me, the other is the novelist. I can’t help but hope that she’ll continue writing and that one day when a woman walks into a book store and asks for that bestseller written by the Crosby woman, the clerk will ask, “Which one?”