It’s human nature; we all do it. We refuse to get rid of that too-small dress hanging in the back of the closet, we keep the diamond earring with no mate, and sometimes we cling to a memory of the past until it clouds our vision of the future. Meghan Briggs is no different. She loved her daddy with all her heart, and now that he’s gone she’s determined to hang onto the Snip ‘n Save Magazine because it’s the last little bit of him she has. Her mama and sister have tried to point out the foolishness of this, but Meghan refuses to listen. She’s determined to stick it out…well that is, until a stray pup comes into her life.

Me? Well I’ve been holding onto my favorite pair of sandals; they have loose threads in the back and the toe is scuffed, but still I keep them. Maybe I should admit they are long past their prime and get rid of them… make room in the closet for a new pair? Not a bad idea. I’ll buy myself a pair of sandals that are bright and sparkly and make this my Summer of New Beginnings.

To enter the Healing Hearts contest, comment below and tell me what you’ve been holding onto… is a memory that clouds your vision or something tangible like my sandals? And, what’s next? Will you keep it or let it go?

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