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Baby Girl – #bookreviewer Salute

Susan on Goodreads says about Baby Girl:

Bette has written another beautiful, emotional story. I fall in love with every book and character she creates. The amazing Ophelia is once again handing out her love, wisdom, and dandelion tea to the people who need her support and advice. A trip back to Memory House is always a wonderful thing.

Cheryl Ann has had her share of ups and downs, love and heartache. Her biggest heartache was having to give up her baby girl, all for love. I can’t even imagine!

‘She was forever, permanently and irrevocably, gone from my life, but I knew even then she would never be gone from my heart.’

Cheryl Ann goes through a lot in her life and comes out a strong, independent woman, no thanks to the men in her life. It was tough watching her live through the tough times. I felt like she was a friend that I couldn’t help, she just needed to figure it out on her own. I was sad right along with her but also felt the love that she found in her friends.

‘”When a person gives you nothing but misery,” she said, “then it’s time to move on and find happiness.”‘

Baby Girl is another wonderful story in the Memory House series. All of the stories are warm, beautifully written glimpses into the lives of the people that Bette has created. I love every visit I get to take back to Memory House.