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Baby Girl is an amazing novel – #bookreviewer Salute

Alicia on Goodreads says –

As always, Bette Lee Crosby has written a truly magnificent novel. Her writing is up there with the best of the newer and older Southern writers.

“Baby Girl” is an amazing novel. It is engaging, powerful and meaningful. The characters are all strongly written and very human. The storyline is so very realistic
The reader is truly transported into her novel and never lets the reader go.

The prose just keeps the reader so enthralled it is hard to put any of her books down or take a break, including this one. I read it straight through and it kept me thinking long after I finished.

I truly loved the character of Cheryl. Despite being full of flaws, she has a sense of self-awareness she truly doesn’t understand about herself until much later in her life. Ophelia and Margaret are wonderful friends and mentors for her. What she needed all along in some respects. Her best friend, Nicole, is supportive and helpful but also funny and insightful in her own way.

I love the lessons that Cheryl Ann learns on her journey and how they apply to everyone, including the reader.

Betty Lee Crosby has written a truly heartwarming, and at times heartbreaking, novel of epic proportions. Her books just keep getting better and better.

This is an author and a novel not to be missed or placed on a TBR list. It is a must read now novel and author. You will fall in love with both with little to no warning.