Best Book of 2014 – The Reader Salute

So happy about this review from Cathy at Between the Lines where the ARC copy of Passing through Perfect made her top read of 2014!

The significance of the title ‘Passing Through Perfect’ is a lovely touch. I wondered how Benjamin’s story would tie in with Wyattsville. I do like the way characters from previous stories are integrated into later ones.

I love the way Bette Lee Crosby tells a story, this one mostly from Benjamin’s point of view with individual perspectives beginning each chapter. It’s a very moving and powerful tale, the prejudice and intolerance of the time show both sides of human nature regardless of skin colour. Benjamin’s acknowledgement of what he considers his place in society is undeniably apparent and is accepted as just the way things are. Despite that and the hardships and suffering Benjamin stays true to his own individuality.

An uplifting story of family, love, kindness and hope, despite some people’s less than commendable behaviour and attitudes.

Read her full review here.

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