Understanding Bette Lee Crosby’s Advance Reader Rewards Club

This group is about more than just reading books and posting reviews. You will get a first look at everything I am working on and I will be asking for your feedback on cover designs, titles, character names, and promotional campaigns. The readers in this group will be my inner circle, and I’ll be looking to you to help me to spread the word about new books and promote these stories within your social media groups and pages.

What perks do members get for doing this?

To start with, you will have the opportunity to decide whether or not you want to accept each new release to read and review. (They may be times when you’re swamped and have to turn a book down, and that’s okay) If you accept a book, a month or two before the scheduled release date you will receive an exclusive Book Funnel link to download your advance reader copy to your Kindle or e-reader. As long as your review is posted within the first 2 weeks of release, you will also receive a personalized signed print copy of the book as a gift.

The Advance Reader Rewards Club Group members will have lots more perks like personal birthday cards, discount prices on any books or gifts that are available, opportunities for naming characters, and having their review quotes will be among those used on the book cover and Amazon pages. Plus, there will be bonus giveaways each month exclusively for the Advance Reader Rewards Club Group.

What are the requirements and responsibilities for members of the group?

  • You must agree not to share your advance reader copy with anyone or distribute if for your own financial gain.
  • You must agree to post an honest, spoiler-free, review on Amazon and one other site within two weeks after the official release date.
  • Although it is not a must that you post your review to other sites such as Goodreads, B & N, book blog, Library Thing, Facebook, or Instagram, it is very much appreciated.
  • Prior to joining, you must have read and reviewed at least one Bette Lee Crosby book and be following her author page on Facebook.
  • In order to receive your signed gift copy, you will need to submit a link to your review of the new release book.

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