What is the VIP Readers Club?

My VIP Readers Club are the first readers to get a chance to read my newest books. I count on my VIP Readers Club to post honest reviews on book review sites like: Amazon, Goodreads, iBooks, B&N, etc. I also count on my VIP Readers Club to help me promote my book on their favorite social media sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I will be happy to provide any social media materials for my VIP Readers if needed.

VIP Readers are welcome to join my Facebook BFF Club to participate in events, giveaways, book chat, sneak peeks, laughter, encouragement and support.

What are my responsibilities as a group member?

As a VIP Reader you will be able to download an ebook copy of newest book before any other readers. When you download the Advance Reading Copy ebook you are agreeing to:

Download the Netgalley or Book Funnel ebook and DO NOT SHARE with any person or website.
Post an honest review to your favorite book site within 2 weeks after the book is officially released.
Share your honest review on your favorite social media site.

IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE AS A VIP READER – you MUST have read and reviewed at least one of my other books. If you have not read one of my books yet, please click MY BOOKS and choose one to download, read and review. Once that is done you can fill out the contact form below.

Why are book reviews so important?

Did you know that word-of-mouth is how most readers find a new book to read? Your honest review assures other readers that this book is worth their time to read. Also reviews help book sites know which books to share with readers on their site.

When will I get emails from you?

I will only email when the advance review copy is ready to be downloaded. I will also email you 2 weeks after release day.

How will VIP Readers get their advance review copy ebook?

For books published through Bent Pine Publishing I will send you a specific link from BookFunnel.

This site will allow you to download the ebook to your device in Kindle or ePub format.

What if I don’t like the book and don’t want to post the review?

I appreciate and welcome honest reviews and feedback. If you would like to share any comments please feel free to email me or use the contact form on the website.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just subscribe to the VIP Readers Club newsletter by filling out the form below. I will email you with the specific link to download the advance reader copy ebook and any instructions you might need.

It is voluntary so if you feel you cannot review the book within 2 weeks of the release date then you can decline or contact me to give me a specific date when you can post your review. The VIP Readers Club is restricted to 100 members and to remain active you must respond to the email offer.


Editorial Reviews

“Be prepared to be swept away into the life of a girl who will tug at your emotions while never leaving your heart. Crosby has crafted a story that will enchant readers”
Steena Holmes

Author of Finding Emma

“Crosby’s talent lies in not only telling a good, compelling story, but telling it from a unique perspective. The Twelfth Child is an extraordinarily heartwarming story”
Reader Views

“Once again, Crosby writes about an ordinary woman with an ordinary life, but makes it fascinating”

Amazon Reviewer

“I can’t praise this book and the author enough…Crosby is amazing. Her writing is smooth, detailed, interesting, and it pulls you right into the story with believable characters and a wonderful flowing storyline”
Silver’s Reviews

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