sugar skull

Bette’s Friends and Fans Julia – #fanfun

I’d like to introduce you to Julia. She’s a member of my Bette’s Friends and Fans Club Closed Group on Facebook. I asked my BFFs if they were crafty and I was AMAZED at all the talent! I’m so happy some of them have agreed to let me feature their art on my blog. The first post is just in time for Halloween. You’ll see new #fanfun posts every Thursday.

Julia’s Sugar Skull Card –
There is a local rubber stamp designer whose stamps I just love and I buy and use just about everything he designs. He created the Sugar Skull and the cats that I used to make this card. I love the name of his business, “Deadbeat Designs”. The hand coloring and the construction of this card was very time consuming, but I loved the way it turned out. I have plans for many other uses for the cat stamp and coloring the Sugar Skull in different combinations is loads of fun.

Julia’s love of reading –
I have been reading books every since I first learned to read. Some of my favorite childhood books were my Mama’s books from her childhood and I still have them. Mama also subscribed to a children’s book club for me when I was in grade school so I got new books to read every month. My Daddy was a mining engineer so I grew up in tiny little mining towns that had no library. The first place we lived with a library was when I was in 6th grade and I loved it. They had a Saturday morning story hour that I never missed and always went home with a stack of books which I devoured over the week. I much preferred to stay indoors and read than go outside to play and Mama had to kick me out so I could get some sunshine. LOL! I didn’t have friends really when I was young and so books were my friends. Fortunately, I married a man who also reads constantly and we passed the passion on down to our daughters. My youngest daughter reads constantly and has set up a comfy reading corner in her classroom for her 11th grade English students. She has taught these inner city kids to enjoy reading too.

I am not much attracted to the romance novels and prefer a really good story about interesting people instead. That is why I love your books so much. You are a marvelous story teller. I also love mysteries and courtroom type stories. I love all of Marsha Clark’s books. You keep writing and I will keep reading! 🙂 Thank you for the hours of enjoyment that you have given to all of us!

Big ole Texas hugs, Julia