Thank you Lu Ann for making time to read and review Spare Change on Goodreads! She also has Jubilee’s Journey and Passing through Perfect on her list so looking forward to seeing more reviews from her.

Bitter-sweet tale Lu Ann’s review of Spare Change

Spare change is a bitter-sweet tale of independence, commitment and coming of age.

Olivia drew the conclusion early in life that marriage and all the “baggage” that accompanied it wasn’t for her. She developed a career and was content until an unusual circumstance changed her whole life.
Ethan ‘s life was satisfactory though far from ideal. At eleven years old, he was faced with a devastating tragedy and could only think of one place to go.

Talented author, Bette Lee Crosby has effectively created a touching story that stirs many different emotions within the reader. The characters development was done very cleverly, the background scenes were described well. The Book Title was tied into the story quite well and the Book Cover
was eye-catching but not entirely representative of the story.

This tale was extreme, tragic, yet humorous at times, with a touch of fantasy.

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