Previously Loved Treasures by Bette Lee CrosbyNo matter how many books an author has published, there is always a nervous flutter that settles in your chest once the ARC copies are sent out. There are no exceptions. It happens to us all.

You wait and worry. Will the reviewers love it or hate it? Will they be totally indifferent? Is the cover right? Is there a typo that all six proofreaders have missed? Is the story deep enough to have meaning? Is it so deep that the reader will lose interest? Is the ending poignant or simply sappy?  Oh the questions! For days and weeks you worry…until the reviews start coming in.  One by one your questions are answered.

I am extremely blessed in having a number of excellent reviewers who have enjoyed my past books and were eager to sign up to read and review Previously Loved Treasures. One such reviewer is Crystal Otto who works with WOW (Women on Writing). For those who may be unfamiliar with the site, it is a highly respected industry source for both readers and writers. This week Crystal published an advanced reader review of Previously Loved Treasures in the WOW newsletter and I am thrilled with what she had to say. Stop by and meet the folks at WOW, I think you’ll be impressed.


A few more reviews have started popping up on Goodreads and one wonderful reviewer has already added the book to the Goodreads List of Great Quirky Southern Fiction so my jitters are calming a bit…but it still seems like an awfully long wait until April 28th.

To read the Goodreads advance reviews or to add Previously Loved Treasures to your reading list CLICK HERE

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