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What a delightful story!

Esther Ka’awai had the gift of knowing – it wasn’t seeing into the future; it wasn’t events she saw pictures of – it was just an immediate knowing of a happening but not of an outcome; it was something she had had since she was a child. When Esther told her husband she knew the unpredicted storm would hit their island of Kauai, he believed her – she had proven her knowing was never wrong. But the people of the island did not believe her; after all it wasn’t forecast therefore it couldn’t be so…

As time passed Esther became a well-respected wise woman on her island in Hawaii; her gifts were widely used and well known. But the day a stranger came to Kauai was the beginning of change for Esther. And her belief in her gift would be tested as she struggled with what she knew…

What an absolutely delightful short story Esther’s Gift by Bette Lee Crosby is! I raced through the pages, devouring them and enjoying every minute. Beautifully written, the characters wound their way into my heart until I knew them like I know my own friends. Highly recommended (as I recommend all this author’s work)

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