Read Along with Sue book bloggerSue has given me my own page on her blog. I know I’ve already talked about her but I can’t help bringing her up again because she’s been so helpful in getting the word out about my books. She’s reviewed a number of my books and I’m so glad she enjoyed Previously Loved Treasures too. Here’s a snippet of her review –

I started reading it that very evening. I didn’t get to sleep until the early hours of the morning as Ida’s life pulled me right in with her. When she started to take in lodgers to make ends meet I was hooked even then.

The Previously Loved Treasures reminded me a little of the Old Curiosity Shop years ago I read [Wordsworth Classic] in some parts. Although this book is really real, it can be quite magical once you arrive at the Previously Loved Treasures outlet. I loved it!

I feel so lucky to have connected with her and that Sue connected with my writing. It is a thrill to have such support for getting the word out about my books.