Blueberry Hill, A Sister’s Story New Release by Bette Lee Crosby

BlueberryHill-Original3WELCOME TO MY WORLD...not my world of today, but the world of my childhood and young adult years. It was a time when my sister and I felt invincible. We believed life would be that way forever, then one day I woke up and discovered the unthinkable can happen. Not only can it happen, it did happen.

BLUEBERRY HILL, A Sister’s Story is a memoir of sorts. Oh you’ll see my fiction style rearing it’s head here and there, but in truth it’s the story of my sister Donna, the girl I wanted to be, and the woman she became.

PLEASE SHARE THIS STORY WITH ME… I can’t promise that you won’t laugh a little and cry a lot, but I can promise it will make you hug your own sister a bit tighter. And I hope the story will stay with you, as it’s stayed in my heart all these long years.