Please feel free to use these book discussion questions with your reading group or book club. If you make up your own, please let me know and I’ll add them here.

Book Discussion Questions – Passing through Perfect

1) The time period for this book is after World War II. It’s important to understand African Americans standing in the US during the time period in Passing through Perfect. Take a moment to share with your group or club your recollection of the issues and problems faced by people of color.

2) What strengths did Benjamin bring back from serving in the military? How did this help him in the story?

3) Why do you think Delia’s family reacted the way they did to Benjamin?

4) The neighbors change their attitude/behavior toward Benjamin in one part of the story. Do you know anyone who has changed their attitude/behavior (including your own) over the issue of race?

5) What in Paul’s background do you feel made him connect with Benjamin and want to help?