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I did not want to put it down – #bookreviewer Salute

Kathy on Goodreads says:

I have previously read most of Bette Lee Crosby’s books and have loved them all. Memory House has a few bits and pieces of several of her other books incorporated, which for the reader brings up memories of other stories. And that’s what the book is about-memories. It’s a story of two women, one quite old, one quite young. Their individual stories follow very different paths, yet merge together in the book. Each of her books has an interesting twist and this one does also. It is well written and the story flows nicely. I got to really know the characters and felt a deep connection with them.

The story is so good, and I just did not want to put it down till it was done. And then when the book ended I did not want it to be finished..it’s one of those books that stays with you, and you just want more. Excellent story, excellent execution. I loved it and am so glad I read it.