I know I can’t. I’ve made plenty of bad choices. Stayed when I should have gone. Said yes when I should have said no. Rushed into something when I should have stopped to think it over. I’ve made plenty bad choices, but the queen of bad choices was my sister Donna. She was a girl who loved a party, and loved the wrong men. She chose to drink. She chose to smoke. And, she died far too young. Meghan’s sister Tracy is a lot like Donna. She loved a good time, loved Dominic, and was blind to the fact that he loved himself more than he loved her.

Now Tracy Briggs is back in Magnolia Grove, a single mom with a fifteen-month-old baby who has not spoken a single word. For the sake of her baby, Tracy wants to set things straight, get a fresh start, and change the type of choices she’s been making. But it’s not all that easy, she’s definitely going to need help. For the Briggs sisters it truly will be “The Summer of New Beginnings”

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