Between the Lines Little Blog of Book Thoughts

At The Blogger Salute

I try to recognize those bloggers that love to read and let people know about the books they’ve read. I had the good fortune to meet Cathy from Between The Lines and she graciously agreed to tell you a little about herself.

Cathy says: Ever since I found The Famous Five, books have been a prominent feature in my life. To me books = happiness.
With the advance of technology I’m enjoying listening to audiobooks (makes mundane chores much more enjoyable!) and my original thought was to start an online record of the books I’ve read and listened to, with a summary for my own reference.

But one thing lead to another, the blog went live and I’m enjoying the whole process. I tend to mainly review books I like and have enjoyed. Why waste time on the other kind? So, I’m a blogging, dog loving gran, maybe older in years but young at heart
😉 Who would have thought!

CLICK HERE to check out Cathy’s blog!