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060213 005MID-WEEK MIXERS by Naomi Blackburn

As many of my followers know, The Pub and Grub Forum’s drink recipes make appearances on Bette Lee Crosby’s Words, Wit and Wisdom in a spotlight series called Midweek Mixers. This series consists of interesting recipes I find and “Naomi Blackburn Originals”. I have a whole lot of fun with this series because it allows my mixology creativity to really come out. June is Sangria month and I have been testing sangria recipes and developing some of my own. This one is a bit sweeter than most sangria recipes so it is great  for kicking back on the porch. The big thing…make sure it is well chilled and allow the fruit to really sit. Don’t be in a huge rush to serve this!

This drink calls for ORANGE BRANDY. I use:053013 026

I periodically use this in my Margaritas too.

So, here we go:


3 oranges, halved and sliced
1 lime, halved and sliced
1 lemon, halved and sliced
1 bottle Riesling
12 ounces lemon lime soda


1) In a pitcher add fruit and brandy. Muddle well. Add wine and allow to chill in refrigerator for no less than 8 hours.

2) When ready to serve, add lemon lime soda and stir gently.

3) Pour into prepared ice filled glasses. Spoon some fresh fruit into the glasses.