As many of my followers know, I have a private Clubhouse Group on Facebook…it’s called Bette’s BFF Clubhouse. The BFF stands for Best Friends & Fans, and they truly are. You might think that because it’s a fan club, we all go there to gush about my books…but you would be so wrong. The reason the Clubhouse is by invitation only is so that no one but the members can see our conversations… we are free to talk about anything we want and know that “what happens in the Clubhouse…stays in the Clubhouse!”

The truth is that the group (currently 58 members and growing) has become a group of friends who chat about almost anything and everything. We are a group of women who are there for each other. We talk about the fun things in our life and we discuss the challenges we often face. Topics of conversation range from family issues, to adorable pets, jobs we love or love to hate, and of course books. (not just my books, but any book one of the members thinks worth reading). We celebrate birthdays with virtual cakes and pizza parties. We even pop open a bottle of virtual bubbly when there’s something special to celebrate. I couldn’t ask for a greater group of friends.

photo2Knowing that on on my birthday I will be attending the FPA President’s Book Awards, the gals hosted an early celebration …and what a celebration it was!  My doorbell rang and when I answered it there was a charming young lady holding a large bouquet of pink roses and minature rosebuds. Beautiful! But there was more, she also handed me a box of CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES!  Anyone who knows me knows that i am a true lover of sweets and candy is my favorite.  These were not virutal, they were real, and they were a gift from the gals in the club.

There are no words that can adequately express how very special this made me feel.  Being an author is not always easy. The road to success is littered with boulders of disappointment, rejection and frustration, but then there are moments like this… when you realize all those boulders are mere pebbles to be stepped over as you move forward.

Today I am sending a giant THANK YOU to the Gals of Bette’s BFF Clubhouse and it’s not virtual, it’s from the bottom of my heart.

If you are a friend or fan and not yet a member of the Clubhouse but would like to join, please send me a Facebook friend request and a message asking to join. There’s no rules and no obligations, you stop in whenever you have time but it’s almost guaranteed that anytime you do stop by you’ll find a friend ready to chat. Friendship is one of life’s great blessings and the more you give, the more you have.

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