Cracks in the Sidewalk review by Randy – The Reader Salute

Thanks to Randy, I met him on Twitter, for reading and reviewing Cracks in the Sidewalk!

Gripping, Heart Felt, Emotional, Painful

Those were some of the words that came to mind as I read this book. I
had to put it down at first because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind.
It became too personal. Not in the sense of children but in the sense of
hatred. It’s hard to understand why some people in your life just plain
hate. I miss those people very much and would do almost anything to
reestablish relationships.Maybe one day.

I think of the Proverbs that says -(My personal translation) “If you’re
headed to court try come to an agreement before you get there.”
The beginning of the book is filled of examples of what not to do when
you have a difficult person in your life. Liz’s parents had every right
to treat JT as they did but the harvest wasn’t what they wanted
-separation of their grandchildren. Liz was dying. JT was a self
centered man. Liz’s parents wanted happiness for their daughter and
connection to their grandchildren. The pain of not being able to see
your own grandchildren was beyond words.

I know people like JT. No matter what you do they will still hate and
blame you for their failures. This book reinforces a belief I have
adopted: Make connections with people even if they are difficult and
don’t try to correct a fool. I hope people don’t relate to this book but
I’m afraid many will. This was a great book. -a life changer.