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Cruise ship

Martini bar on cruise

Martini bar on cruise two

Cruising and Writing – Fun Features

As people learned in the Seven Things Others May Not Know about my writing life, I need absolute quiet to work. Sometimes I’ll float in the pool and come inside all ready to write the great ideas that came to mind and… the plumber shows up – Dick tossed a whole container of meatballs left over from party last week down the toilet and it clogged – then the cleaning gals and in no time it’s bedlam.

A wonderful answer to this is a cruise! First we packed up my tiny car with all our luggage. The cruise stopped off at the Eastern & Western Caribbean: Puerto Rico, St. Marten, St. Kitt, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Haiti, etc. All fun places but we have done this a number of times before so I spent most of my time… working!

My new novel is set around the time period of World War II. After the cruise I reached 25,000 words.

Of course now that we’re back I have a GIANT suitcase filled with nothing but laundry!