DSCN0373Dick and I have started a new Date Night tradition. We got the idea from the Pastor of our Church and I’m loving it.

A New Date Night Tradition

For years we’ve bought the Enjoyment Book and Dick used the discount coupons for playing golf. Occasionally we’d also use it for a restaurant, if we happened to be going there. All too often the year ended and we’d used only a handful of the thousands of coupons in the book.

For those of you who have never heard of the Enjoyment Book, it is a book filled with wonderful discount coupons ranging from buy one get one free dinners at popular restaurants to a free game at the local bowling alley, or a discount on greens fees at one of the area’s golf courses.

This year we have a NEW PLAN.  We’ve tagged Friday as Date Night and every week we pick a place in the Enjoyment Book and go there. It can be something as simple as a frozen yogurt at Tutti-Fruti or it can be as lovely as a candlelight and wine dinner at a romantic restaurant. As much as I love discount coupons (and I DO love discount coupons) the thing I love most about this plan is that it forces me to leave the computer and go out on a date with my husband. Instead of letting Friday slide by as it were nothing more than the prelude to Saturday chores, we now have a date every Friday. It’s a plan. A good plan.

We’ve been having a wonderful time doing this and it’s made me remember how much fun it is to be spontaneous; to on the spur of the moment pick a new place and give it a try.  We are being adventurous. Last Friday we went to a restaurant we hadn’t been to for years because the music was eardrum shattering…guess what, there was now only soft and lovely dinner music. Nice.

I’m sharing this tip because it’s a fun thing to do. I’m hoping you’ll give it a try…they don’t call it THE ENJOYMENT BOOK for nothing.