Dear Reader, thank you! Bette Lee Crosby

Hello wonderful fanfriends!

Thank you for all your support for my books over the years! Your support in my writing is what keeps me going. I love reading all your emails and messages and reviews.

In 2017 I am writing a new series for you to enjoy!

Bent Pine Publishing is the company that my husband and I formed to publish my books. It’s fun to share my books with my readers and the most essential part of this business is finding and connecting with readers. Finding readers who are interested in my writing and buying my books is what keeps the business going.

Here’s where my fanfriends come in:
There is one thing that every reader can do to help an author – write a review online. It’s really simple, and it really, really helps improve visibility for my books. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo and GooglePlay are the distributors we use the most.

It’s easy and fun to do:
Log in or open an account with any or all of the distributors listed above.
This next part is really important…
If you bought the book from that distributor (for example Amazon) then just leave an honest review.
You’re done!

If you got the book any other way other than purchasing it, when you leave a review you have to leave a disclaimer – I received an ARC copy from Bette Lee Crosby. If you don’t add this Amazon and other sites may delete your review.

Leaving a review is the best way to help a book reach new readers. Each review improves its ranking, its visibility which helps contribute to new readers being able to find and purchase my books. The book will start to appear as a recommendation to new readers and it will have a Verified Purchase tag next to your review which will be taken more seriously by readers.

It’s a positive, giving circle and it all started with your review!

Thank you for your continued support and look for more parties, more prizes, more fun, and more celebration in the months to come.

Best wishes,

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