Get an early start on Valentine’s Day by enjoying the sweet romance, Wishing for Wonderful. Thank you Linda for the review on Goodreads!

If you didn’t believe in true love – The Reader Salute

If you didn’t believe in true love before, you certainly will after reading this book. Eleanor wished for John to fall in love with her when she was only 7 years old. It didn’t happen right away though as they got separated while in college. Both married and both lost their spouses. They met again one day while walking down the street. They fell in love with each other again..

Eleanor’s son does not like it at all that she is with John and lets her know it in no uncertain terms. John’s daughter also is against them being together. But she is really only jealous, not mean like ELeanor’s son.

It took forty-seven years for Cupid to get this one right and he intends to do just that. He has a lot of work to do first with other lives, loves and understanding.

A wonderful love story that you won’t soon forget and believe me you will believe in true love if you haven’t after reading this wonderful story. I could not put it down..
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