Discover Stories in Pairs – #tellafriend

Ekta is my editor and I have enjoyed reading her books in pairs and wanted to share this FREE deal from her with you:

In this free bonus ebook from Prairie Sky Publishing, author Ekta R. Garg introduces readers to the concept behind Stories in Pairs. Readers will find a pair of short stories, each independent of one another and yet sharing a link. What is that link? Readers will need to download the book to find out. Then read all of the Stories in Pairs books available from Prairie Sky Publishing!

Two stories that take you from a college campus to the interiors of Africa. Two stories that span the difference between the possibilities in imagination and the depth of loss. Two stories that bend the spectrum between celebrating marriage and losing loved ones.

Find out what it means to leave one’s self open to true love in the boomerang short “Moving in Circles.” Understand the price of commitment in “The Four Cs.” And learn about this phenomenal new concept in short fiction from Prairie Sky Publishing.

Readers will encounter characters that mirror themselves in Two to Say Thank You, an ebook designed as an offering of gratitude for taking a chance on the author’s work. Get your FREE copy now!