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Do not ever pass up… – The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd

Marci says on Goodreads –

The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd is a lovely story that starts a time long ago and in a place far away.
Cyrus Dodd and Virgil Vigil Jackson allow a disagreement to boil over into a feud, resulting in the loss of so much more than Cyrus’ farm. Virgil appears to be the winner, but Cyrus follows a path of love in his life while Cyrus does just the opposite. In the end, Cyrus finds that all the things he regretted in his lifetime were simply the foundation of his eventual success and happiness.

Like most of the books by Ms. Crosby, it’s the people in this story who grab hold of your heart and imagination and just won’t let go. What makes them so real is that they aren’t all perfect. They could be the folks next door, warts, blessings, and all.

You feel the pain Ruth lives when she loses her babies. You know the choices Cyrus makes in the name of love. You even understand the choices Virgil makes: you may not like those choices, but you have seen it happen in real life.
All I can say is, do not ever pass up a Bette Lee Crosby book, especially not this one. It was a wonderful journey.