Dr. Kellog was wrong – #fanfun

When we add to this the fact that a large share of the popular novels of the day contain more or less matter of a directly depraving character, presented in such gilded form and specious guise that the work of contamination may be completed before suspicion is aroused, it should become apparent to every careful mother that her daughters should be vigilantly guarded against this dangerous source of injury and possible ruin. We have dilated quite fully upon this subject in a preceding section, and will not enlarge upon it here. Yet we particularly desire to go on record as believing firmly that the practice of novel reading is one of the greatest causes of uterine disease in young women.

The above paragraph was written by Dr. Kellog (yes, the one from the corn flakes fame) and he thought it caused uterine disease. Good news, it doesn’t. Others thought it caused ‘incurable insanity’.

Have you ever heard of reading NOT being a good thing to do?