BLCrosby-JubileeJones-Original2Jubilee’s Journey is scheduled for release in October 2013.

The Wyattsville series started with Spare Change, but it wasn’t meant to be a series. Spare Change was written as a stand alone book…but somewhere along the line I fell in love with Ethan Allen and Olivia, so much so that I simply couldn’t bear to have them leave me.

Like Spare Change, Jubilee’s Journey could easily be a stand alone novel…but instead it’s the best of all worlds. It’s a full circle story that enabled me to go back and revisit some of the people I came to love.

Jubilee’s Journey starts with the story of a coal mining family from West Virginia, so I thought my readers might enjoy meeting the source  of my inspiration… they are my family. Well, my mother’s sister and her family to be exact.

Beginning Monday I will feature three stories about these awesome people. They are inspirational, heartwarming and real. They are part of who I am and why goodness inspires me. For more years than I can remember I have held these stories in my head and now it’s time to share them.  Join me for a look at what life was like in the coal mining country of West Virginia. Once you get to know the very special people in these stories, I think you’ll be as anxious as I was to move along with Jubilee’s Journey.