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A missing child sets the lives of three women on a collision course in this powerful and compelling novel by USA Today bestselling author Bette Lee Crosby.


When a music festival rolls through the sleepy town of Hesterville, Georgia, the Dixon family’s lives are forever changed. On the final night, a storm muffles the sound of the blaring music, and Rachel tucks her baby into bed before falling into a deep sleep. So deep, she doesn’t hear the kitchen door opening. When she and her husband wake up in the morning, the crib is empty. Emily is gone.

Vicki Robart is one of the thousands at the festival, but she’s not feeling the music. She’s feeling the emptiness over the loss of her own baby several months before. When she leaves the festival and is faced with an opportunity to fill that void, she is driven to an act of desperation that will forever bind the lives of three women.

When the truth of what actually happened that fateful night is finally exposed, shattering the lives they’ve built, will they be able to pick up the pieces to put their families back together again?

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Advanced reviews for Emily, Gone

“Emily, Gone is an intriguing story of one child but three mothers, their paths blending together in a flawless yet heartbreaking page-turner that will keep you reading late into the night, chasing the happily ever after.” —Kay Bratt, author of Wish Me Home and Dancing with the Sun

“Crosby’s best work yet. Heart-wrenching and heartwarming. Unforgettable characters remind us of the true meaning of motherly love. A page-turner until the end.”
—Ashley Farley, author of the bestselling Sweeney Sisters Series

 “Crosby has written an exceptional book that raises questions about love, family, faith, and forgiveness. This one will stay with me for quite some time.”
—Camille Di Maio, bestselling author of The Way of Beauty

“Emily, Gone is a story of family lost and found, a poignant, engrossing tale that explores the unbreakable ties of family and the toll of secrets. Bette Lee Crosby takes an unthinkable situation and weaves a beautiful novel of enduring power. A must-read.”
—Kellie Coates Gilbert, author of the Sun Valley Series

“I loved this richly moving novel about the strength of a mother’s love and found it completely engrossing from the first page to the last. Put it on your must-read list. You won’t be disappointed.”
—Karen McQuestion, bestselling author of Hello Love

“Emily, Gone is a compelling story of loss, love, and forgiveness. Can a wronged mother overcome grief? Will justice be demanded for terrible deeds? Emily, Gone, as told by masterful storyteller Bette Lee Crosby will make you rethink what it means to forgive—and to rejoice in the power of healing hearts.”
—Grace Greene, bestselling author of The Memory of Butterflies

“Emily, Gone by Bette Lee Crosby is a book whose story will stay with you long after you’ve finished the last page. It is the haunting unfolding of a mother’s love for her child and the complications and heartache that follow when a child disappears. Ms. Crosby’s style of storytelling is compelling, encouraging you to linger on each page as the voices of the characters speak to you. A must-read!”
—Judith Keim, bestselling author of the Beach House Hotel Series

“It’s a nightmare no parent would want to endure, that of waking to find your child is gone, her crib empty. Emily, Gone is a heartrending portrait of one such couple whose love and trust in one another and in their married life is tested beyond imaginable limits. But who could do such a thing, take someone’s child? It’s a compelling mystery, one that will keep you turning the pages. A poignant, compassionate, and engrossing book, this is a story that explores the bonds of love and family, the fragility of hope and faith, and the often difficult ground of forgiveness.”
—Barbara Taylor Sissel, bestselling author of The Truth We Bury and What Lies Below