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Family Book Club review of Jubilee’s Journey

Every now and then I come across a review or a reading concept that is so wonderful I absolutely have to share it with my readers… This is just such a review.

There are any number of things family members can do to enjoy the fun of togetherness, but most activities such as cooking, sports, board games and the like, all require you to be in the same place at the same time. With today’s hectic schedules that’s not always possible. Our daughter is a busy mom who is on the run all day long. Her reading time is generally in between carpool drop-offs and pick-ups. Our granddaughter is in high school and runs track, so her best reading time is in bed at night. As a grandma I should have lots of reading time, but my days are spent writing books. I am not a big TV watcher, so I enjoy reading in the evening while Grandpa watches TV.

That’s the beauty of a family book club! Everyone can read in the time and place that’s convenient for them. The key to making it a fun event is to pick a book that is both age appropriate for the youngest member and interesting enough for the adults.

When it comes to a generation gap, teenagers can sometimes be difficult to carry on a conversation with. It’s not that they don’t want to talk…it’s simply that you’re not speaking their language and they’re not speaking yours. A family book club closes that gap and allows everyone to open up with their unique thoughts and opinions. My favorite part of the trilogy review on Belle’s Book Review Blog was that each member of the threesome choose their favorite quote…and guess what… none of the quotes were the same and they were from three different characters. Sharing different thoughts and opinions is what makes something like this fun; and trust me; the teen in your group will love expressing their own bold and different viewpoint.

Whether the youngest member of your family book club is fourteen or forty doesn’t matter – there are so many book options to choose from. Two of my novels that are perfect for inter-generational reading are The Twelfth Child and Passing through Perfect, both of which offer a handful of historical insight along with a heartfelt story.

Why not start your own family book club? Take a picture of three generations reading any one of my books and send it to me and you could win a gift card to the book store of your choice and be the next featured trio right here on my blog. And, here’s the good news …you don’t have to all three be together in the picture.

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