Bette Lee Crosby’s Fan of the Month – Maria

My fans are Very Important People. Without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing. That’s why I created Fan of the Month so I can celebrate readers and book bloggers who have reviewed my books. For this once a month feature – Fan of the Month – I’ll be showcasing my fans. They deserve a big round of applause!

Maria is one of my fans. Three months ago she told me she was coming to Florida on vacation and I penciled her in on my calendar. The week before she arrived, we confirmed the date and made sure it would happen.  One of the great things about living in Florida is that people often come here for vacation and that makes it easier for us to plan to get together..

Maria and I met for lunch and oh what fun we had. It ended up being a 3-hour lunch in a lovely restaurant beside the ocean. We ate, we drank and we laughed. A lot. When we parted you would have sworn we were lifelong friends…and to be honest that’s exactly how it felt to me.

Maria is an avid reader who reviews and talks about the books she’s read on Goodreads. In addition to the hudreds (maybe thousands) of other books she’s read, she’s also read all of my books. Given all the books she’s read I am super honored to be tagged as one of her favorite authors.

You can tell she’s a big supporter of books from her bio on Goodreads:
I’m a happily married mom with a wonderful family and some loving and spoiled animals. I have 3 furbie cats and 1 precious Italian Greyhound dog named Sheila! I love to read and support book stores and libraries staying open.

As part of my “Fan of the Month” Celebration, I’ll be sending Maria a “Swag Bag” filled with goodies selected especially for her.

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