Brooke Varn

FAN of the MONTH – Brooke

There is nothing more rewarding than finding a fan who reads one of your books and then continues on to read all of the others…and that is exactly what happened with Brooke Varn, our celebrity Fan of The Month.

I met Brooke when her youngest daughter was in the First Grade Sunday School Class I taught. We both attend Westside Baptist Church and Brooke sings in the Praise Team every Sunday. For years I have enjoyed her singing and every so often we find time to chat either before of after the service. Recently our discussion turned to books and I discovered Brooke enjoys reading but had never read one of my books, so I said I would send her a copy of my newest release Memory House.

After Brooke finished that book, she moved on to Spare Change and the rest of the Wyattsville Series. When she finished the Wyattsville Series, she segued right into The Serendipity Series and within a month or two she had breezed through every book I’d written. She has now joined the ranks of fans waiting for The Loft, the second book in the Memory House Series. In my mind there is little doubt that an avid reader such as Brooke deserves to be our Fan of the Month for July.

Brooke is married to Rusty, works in their family business, and is the mother of three beautiful children. She is a joy to know and a true blessing to those of us lucky enough to hear her sing on Sunday mornings. I am honored to count her among my fans.

A special thank-you gift will be going out to Brooke.