wow women on writing


I am so lucky to have Crystal Otto as one of my fans! She has read and reviewed all of my books, given them glowing reviews and been so supportive. Crystal has a website that every women’s fiction lover should visit regularly called WOW! Women on Writing.

crystal otto

She’s a member of my BFF Group on Facebook and just today posted the sweetest memory on a post on my page:

When my parents were first married, my dad traveled for work. He purchased a charm for each state and gave my mum 2 charm bracelets. After dad passed away, those bracelets became mine. They’re an awesome physical reminder of my fathers love for my mum but an even greater symbol of his love for me because he stopped traveling when I was born. He took a position that paid much less with work that was much harder…all to be the father he felt I deserved.

If you’re a writer you should check out WOW!’s eZine CLICK HERE. WOW! also feature blog tours and giveaways. Crystal is committed to helping authors gain exposure for their writing.

Thank you Crystal and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!