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Great, wonderful, touching story – #bookreviewer Salute

I was lucky enough to get an advanced reader’s copy of this book from the author.

I have loved every book that Bette Lee Crosby has written to date. I had a favorite before reading this one, but now have a new favorite. This book was so good it was impossible to put down. If you have read her other books then this one will be even better. It has bits and pieces that you will recognize throughout the story.

Ophelia has a Bed and Breakfast that Annie accidentally happens upon while she is driving to get away from her troubles. She stops and decides to stay at Memory House for a few days and falls in love with the place and the owner, Ophelia. Ophelia tells her about some of the things she has that contain memories. Of course Annie is not sure if she really believes this or not, until she touches a bike that is in Ophelia’s shed. She herself feels the memory of the boy who owned the bike years before. This has her intrigued and makes her want to clean the bike and find out who the owner is. Ophelia believes that a boy named Allen owned the bike.

Annie leaves her old life and moves in with Ophelia to help take care of her. She also works hard to get the bike like it was when Allen rode it. After she gets it as new as possible, which is quite a chore, she discovers who Allen really is and where he lives. She decides to take the bike to him, but when she and Ophelia get to his townhouse it is not who she thought, but is Allen’s son. They start seeing each other and become very close. They fall in love and he gives her a big surprise for Christmas. Meeting his parents.

Mrs Crosby weaves a story in a way that will stay with you for a long long time. It is a wonderful book from the first page to the last, which you will hate to see end. It definitely leaves you wanting more and don’t be surprised if you get it one day. That is the great thing about this author’s books, you never know when you will get a new book that contains just what you wanted; knowing more about a book you read before and wondered what happened to a character or characters.

This is by far my favorite book by Mrs Crosby and I am hoping there will be more about Annie and Oliver in the future.

If you believe in memories and want to read a great book about stories in stories this is the book for you. You can get it now for 99 cents, it goes back to the original price shortly after its release on April 14th.

This is my honest review and in no way was affected by it being a gift. I can’t imagine anyone reading it and not loving it. Great, wonderful touching story…