My friend Marlene
I’m sending this Happy National Best Friend Day to all my BFFs in the Clubhouse on Facebook and across the Internet on Goodreads, LibraryThing. My readers are my friends and I’m so grateful my books have found a home with you. Huffington Post did a great post with 13 reasons best friends are the best with fictional characters. They weren’t from fictional literature but I’m sure there are some around. Enjoy the post and let me know in the comments,

Who would be your best literature friend?

1) No matter how much trouble you’re in, she’ll always help you get out of it.
2) You’re able to bond over things you’d never say out loud to anyone else.
3) Any ridiculous situation you get yourself into, she’ll be right by your side.
4) A best friend will hate anyone and everyone for you.
5) Even if you’ve hooked up with all of each other’s mutual friends, you don’t judge each other.
6) She’s always down to get a little wierd.
7) She has pictures of how you dressed (badly) but wouldn’t show a soul.
8) She was there during your awkward phases.
9) She’ll say yes to your crazy plans.
10) You can’t even count the years you’ve been friends and you hope you never have to.
11) She’s been there through some of your darkest times.
12) She loves you for the weird that you are.
13) She knows the truth is hard to hear, so she’ll deliver it with a compliment.