Have you ever been rescued by a pet?

It is more commonplace to think of people rescuing animals, but if we take time to reflect on it, they often rescue us. They love us when the rest of the world thinks we are unlovable, they remain at our side when we are sick, they enable us to smile when there is little to smile about, and more often than not, they make a very big difference in our life. In my forthcoming release, Meghan Briggs puts herself in danger when she swims out to save a dog floundering in the water—some might say such a thing is foolish, but if you asked Meghan, she’d say the dog changed her life and it all happened that summer…The Summer of New Beginnings.

To enter the Healing Hearts contest, comment below and tell me about a pet you love or have loved and lost and if you have a picture please share it… let me know about the lovable fur baby that has made a difference in your life.

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