Heartwarming and Captivating – The Reader Salute

Michele at Belle’s Tales says Spare Change is Heartwarming and Captivating!

What a heartwarming story! As a reader who reads mostly YA and NA genres, this story was a wonderful departure from my usual fare. I buddy-read this book with my mother over our Christmas holiday, and we both adored it! Regardless of your reading preferences, I believe this is a book that could be rated E for everyone! Ms. Crosby takes us on a journey that begins with our introduction to Olivia Westerly, an independent woman who is extremely superstitious and knows exactly what she wants out of life. And she certainly knows what she doesn’t want: a child. Just the thought of that particular burden is why she’s determined to remain single and focus on her career. And then along came Charlie. Charlie Doyle swept Olivia off her feet, surprising everyone that knew her but none as much as Olivia herself! Fortunately Charlie only had one son who was grown, and they weren’t close. Kids were not something Charlie was interested in, so Olivia knew she’d found her soulmate. But happy endings aren’t always what you think they are, and Olivia finds herself in a life that can’t possibly be her own.

Enter Ethan Allen. Oh, how this boy will steal your heart. You’ll be torn between wanting to wash his mouth out with soap, laughing out loud at his antics, and mostly wanting to wrap him in the biggest hug possible. Ethan witnessed something no child should ever see. He has no idea what he’s going to do, but he knows he has to leave town before the terrifying Scooter Cobb realizes that Ethan saw what he did and decides to do the same thing to him. But at eleven years old with seven dollars and some change in his pocket and a mangy-looking dog as his only companion… what’s he to do? The one thing Ethan Allen knows best. He’s going to survive. And finding the grandpa he’s never met but who sends him a card every year on his birthday is his first step in making it out of his predicament alive. But Ethan Allen never counted on Olivia Westerly… and she most definitely never counted on him.

I shed more than one tear in this amazing story, but I laughed and loved even more! I couldn’t put this book down until I knew how it all would come to an end. A thrilling adventure packed with emotion and more than one character to root for and fall for. With perfect pacing, charismatic writing, and one of my favorite epilogues of all time, the Wyattsville series is one I can’t wait to visit again!
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