Hello Hollywood – Here’s Baby Girl!

Congratulations to Dawn for casting Baby Girl!
Cheryl Ferguson –
Cheryl Ann Ferguson is a girl who makes mistakes. Lots of them. She has a weakness for dark-eyed fellows with sexy smiles and muscled chests. Ryan Carter is just such a guy. When she first lays eyes on him, she knows he’s the one.
Played by Reese Witherspoon
Ryan Carter
Ryan is the dark-eyed fellow with a sexy smile and a muscled chest. He’s got a list of reasons why starting a family won’t work—they’re too young to be parents, they’re not yet married, they need time to enjoy life, they’re planning a vacation, and then there’s the boat. He’s willing to give up the baby but not the boat.
Played by Theo James
Nick Lombardi
Is too old and set in his ways to start raising a family. Convinced she can no longer have children anyway, Cheryl claims that’s not a problem and allows him to move in with her. The relationship is good, maybe even great, while it lasts. But when Cheryl becomes pregnant, it’s destined to end. After losing her baby girl, she knows that regardless of cost she will keep this baby. Nick stays until after Violet is born, then leaves.
Played by Matthew McConaughey
William Potter
William is a friend of a friend, a farmer who lives down the road. He calls and they chat on the phone a few times then get together for a date. That night magic happens—not because he is the handsomest man in the room, or because she is the most beautiful woman, but because they look into each other’s eyes, see what’s inside and realize this is the person they’ve been waiting for.
Played by Ryan Reynolds
Ophelia Brown
Always has a cup of Dandelion tea to serve people who find her apothecary shop. Cheryl tells her things she hasn’t told anyone else.
Played by Whoopi Goldberg
Margaret Foley
Cheryl rents an apartment from Margaret. She was a plumpish woman with streaks of silver in her hair and the smell of cookies clinging to her. Almost every day Cheryl came home and found some nice little surprise: a ripe tomato, a loaf of her banana bread, a plate of cookies. Sometimes there was a note, sometimes not. If Cheryl felt the least bit lonely she could call down and invite Margaret up for a cup of tea.
Played by Queen Latifah
Melanie Dodd
Melanie Dodd looked younger than expected, with narrow shoulders and delicately boned hands. Her hair, a medium brown, was streaked with grey, but the thing you noticed was the emerald green color of her eyes. Melanie is instrumental in helping Cheryl make the most important decision of her life.
Played by Sandra Bullock
Morgan (Baby Girl)
Seventeen years after Baby Girl’s birth, Cheryl receives a note with a newspaper clipping tucked inside. It is from the adoptive mother. In the note Morgan, who is Cheryl’s baby girl, is to be the keynote speaker at her high school graduation.
Played by Shailene Woodley

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