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I absolutely loved Memory House – #bookreviewer Salute

The sign that Annie Cross almost missed during her long and sad drive said “Memory House Bed & Breakfast”; as she walked up to the door she felt like she had been there before – and when she went inside with Ophelia Browne it felt like home. Ophelia was getting close to ninety years of age – her unique gift of finding memories was one she needed to pass on to another before she herself passed on; she was becoming desperate, but when Annie entered her home, Ophelia knew Annie was her answer.

Annie had only planned to stay for the weekend – her fight with Michael had caused her headlong dash along the highway – but the immediate friendship she felt with the elderly Ophelia, and the peace she found at Memory House meant she stayed for a week. As the two women shared dandelion tea Annie listened to the stories Ophelia had to tell. She learned about Edward, Ophelia’s beloved husband; and among others, the memories of an old bike and a ball. At first disbelieving, Annie was intrigued and fascinated by the tales.

But was there more to the pleasant and happy memories than Ophelia and Annie realized? What had happened to frighten Annie? All of a sudden Ophelia was fearful for Annie; fearful for the future – could she stop what she had started?

I absolutely loved Memory House by Bette Lee Crosby. This is a delightful story with wonderful characters, some of whom are taken from the author’s previous books – there is mystery and intrigue plus a sense of peace and wellbeing in this novel. I have yet to read a book by Crosby that I haven’t loved, and have no hesitation in recommending Memory House extremely highly.