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I am amazed at the talented Bette Lee Crosby – #bookreviewer Salute

Cathleen on Goodreads says –

“Baby Girl” is Book 4 in the Memory House Collection and as Ophelia Browne is the only character from the other books in this series, that has a presence in “Baby Girl”.

“Baby Girl” is the story of Cheryl Ann Ferguson. Cheryl Ann, as the story opens, is a young woman on the verge of turning 15. On the day the new neighbors move in Cheryl Ann falls in love with the boy next door, or so she thinks. This is a story that pulls at your heartstrings as you read the flow of Cheryl Ann’s journey to adulthood. Her journey is sometimes full of happiness and joy, then at others is so traumatic and makes you wonder if this young woman can overcome some of the hardship she suffers. The author, Bette Lee Crosby with her usual style, brings to her fans and other readers a story that you feel very connected to. The character of Cheryl Ann feels so very real to you. “Baby Girl” brought me to tears, made me laugh, smile and the ending was the best!

If you have read the other book in this series “Baby Girl” is not a continuation but a new path to travel. For those who haven’t read any of the Memory House books this can be read as a stand-a-lone.

I started reading yesterday morning and finished it late last night and felt the need to let this story settle before I could sit down and write my review. I am amazed at the talented Bette Lee Crosby and her ability to continue to write warm and touching stories. I always feel so blessed to have spent time within the pages of a Crosby book.

I highly recommend “Baby Girl” and all the other titles by this author to anyone who needs a well written story to spend time with. “Tissues Not Included”