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I can’t wait to see what Bette does next – Silver Threads

Laurie on Goodreads says:
Bette Lee Crosby does a phenomenal job of bringing the positives needed in this world to a book on paper.
This is the latest book in her “Memory House” series.
Jennifer is a wonderful Mom, wife and friend and her time on earth is cut short by a vicious attack. She leaves a daughter- Brooke who is 8 and a husband Drew who is busy with work and moving up the ladder of success for his family.
Brooke does not cope with her Mom’s death and Drew will do anything to try to make his daughter happy, even though he is miserable himself and desperately missing his wife.
“Everything Happens for a Reason” is the theme in this story.
Time marches on and after yet another threat, that has this family shaking, Drew decides to relocate to Virginia to help Brooke put the past behind her and begin to hopefully feel safe once more.

Where they go and how they end up where they are?
You will just have to see for yourself.
Once you finish this delightful story- I dare anyone to NOT believe that we are all connected and placed exactly where we should be on this earth.
I was so happy to see Ophelia make a brief appearance at the end of this book and that the Memory House continues to provide rest for the weary and many new Memories.
The writing is terrific and every emotion is felt as the story goes on.
I can’t wait to see what Bette Lee does next.
Read this book, Read the entire series.
You will not forget the message, I assure you.