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I love all of Bette’s books – #bookreviewer Salute

Leslie reviews The Loft on Goodreads –

I love all of Bette’s book – they are a great combination of sweet & happy and a little sorry/conflict. there are so many things to like about this book – watching Annie & Oliver start their new life together, Ophelia realizing that at 90 things don’t have to stay the same and the introduction of Max(ine) – an architect that is going to help redesign Memory House but becomes fast friends with Annie. Annie needs a good gal pal to be able to share things with.

When reading the book everything is going along really well and there is a small hiccup but not much to derail Annie’s happiness. So the keeper of the Scales of Life has to balance the scale. I loved that analogy, that there is someone that keeps the scales of life balanced – equal amounts of good and bad.

I can’t wait until book 3 comes out!!!