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I love the writing of Bette Lee Crosby – Silver Threads

Rosemary on Goodreads says:
Jennifer Green, a young mother and wife, was shot and killed in a botched robbery. It happened when she stopped by the pharmacy. A simple action with tragic consequences. As her husband and little girl try and pick up the shattered pieces of their life and move forward, they find guilt and grief are their constant companion. How do you go on when your strength is gone? Bette Lee Crosby shows us how Drew Bishop and Brooke struggle to cope. It broke my heart to see how life can change in a minute. Drew tries to be both mother and father while working. He’s exhausted physically and emotionally. Brooke is no longer a happy outgoing child. He can’t be out of her sight. She’s withdrawn and has nightmares. Will they ever find love and happiness in the future? When they unexpectedly arrive at Memory House and meet Annie, they find the comfort that they need to start their journey to a new life. I love coming to this place where love and support help those in need. The idea that safety and comfort can be found here makes me feel good. I love the writing of Bette Lee Crosby. Her stories always touch my heart. Silver Threads is no exception.