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I slipped effortlessly into the world of – Memory House

Dale on Goodreads says:

After waiting a long time to get my hands on a copy, I think I had a fair idea what would happen when I picked up this book. And it did. I slipped effortlessly into the world of Memory House Bed and Breakfast and its almost ninety year old owner Ophelia Browne. To the bed and breakfast comes the broken-hearted Annie Cross who comes to stay a couple of nights and finds more than she bargained for. This charming book about memories that outlive their owners was a delight to read. It is a book about inter-generational friendship, lasting love and also that which is a pale imitation of love. Yes, it is a feel good story but not all is sweetness and light, as Annie discovers when some darker memories and experiences appear.

This is a the first Bette Lee Crosby book I have read and I knew from the moment I started reading it, there would be no putting this book aside and no stopping till I finished it. My problem when I closed the last page is now I want to read all the books in this series and probably a number of this author’s others too. I’m about to start compiling a list for family of suggested books from Mother’s Day. I don’t want to say to much about this book. It’s better to read it and let the experience wash over you. Recommended reading especially for any who know or have known lasting love and the way friendships span generations.