Passing through Perfect eBook

I would give Passing through Perfect a 10

Cindy on Goodreads says:
I don’t read literary fiction or women’s fiction. Consequently, I had never heard of this woman until a friend suggested I read one of her books. I trust this friend’s judgment so, I picked this book out and read it.

This book should be considered a literary classic. It should be required reading by everyone. This is a book about intolerance, racism, fear and ignorance. It is a book about the pain of love and loss and how to live through it.
It’s about people who don’t see color or race. They just see what’s in a person’s heart and soul. It’s a book that, sadly, I never would have read had it not been suggested to me.

Thank God for friends with good taste and spectacularly gifted authors!

If I could give this book a 10, I would.