Silver Threads won the 2017 INDIE Next Generation Book Award for Chick Lit. This is such an exciting award to win. Last year my novel Baby Girl won this award and is now being considered for a film/TV production. So with both fingers crossed I entered Silver Threads into the Indie Next Generation Award competition – knowing full well that it is almost impossible to win this award two years in a row, but trying to stay positive. The day the notice arrived in my in-box I was having a very hectic day- you know the kind…where the internet blinks on and off and the telephone rings with a zillion solicitations, and the dog wants to go out and there you are trying to work on your next novel. So I took a deep breath, walked the dog then came back and opened my e-mails.

There it was in all it’s shining glory… the e-mail announcement that Silver Threads had taken the top prize for Chick Lit. I let out a really loud woo-hoo! and for the remainder of that day, not a single thing went wrong. IN fact, it turned into a glorious, beautiful and very memorable day. So if I sound like I am a little over the moon about winning this award…I am. Please join me in celebrating! Download a free sample at Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo or GooglePlay and see if you agree with the judges…I think maybe you will.
Later that afternoon I received a second e-mail saying The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd was a finalist in Historical Fiction. Could I possibly be any happier? I think not.

Not a bad start to the summer at all. There will be an awards ceremony and I’ll be sure to share the after party pictures.

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