Books to authors are like children to mothers–we fret over having every last thought in place, every emotion captured perfectly, every character truly as likable or dislikable as they were intended to be. And just as a mother cheers when her child is given accolades, we cheer when our books receive awards…so please forgive me while I stand up and shout from the rooftop SPARE CHANGE JUST WON ANOTHER AWARD!

It’s true…Not only did SPARE CHANGE win the Reader Views Literary Fiction Award for the Southeast Region, it is also a FINALIST for the Reader Views General Fiction Literary Award…and this mom couldn’t be prouder.

Spare Change is one of those Southern babies I tend to favor (I think it’s because I hear my mom’s voice in so many characters.)  Anyway, I tend to watch over this book a bit more than the others and so far it is truly doing me proud–not only for winning awards and being voted into the #1 spot on the Goodreads List of Best Unknown Books but, more importantly, for the wonderful reader reviews it has received.

A very special THANK YOU to all the readers who read the book and posted a review.